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Studio 33 was my third studio, set up in Thornhill in the west of Scotland for a regional map archiving project in 2015.  I now live in the south-east corner of the country, close to the border, a few miles from Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Photography began for me in the mid-sixties, in a blacked-out council-house bathroom, with a red light and some tiny enamel dishes of hypo and developer.  With this simple, magical technology I made a contact print of the Flying Scotsman steaming beneath our local footbridge, in the days when we could still go to the Norfolk coast in rattling carriages towed by a steam engine. For caravan hoidays we travelled with our budgie in his cage and our bicycles in the goods-waggon. The things I was too young to photograph! Perhaps this explains why naturalism has always been a high priority in my work.

Please respect copyright on all of these images. Earlier versions of the site had dates and captions, including the names of Norfolk fishermen and other people shown in some of the photographs, but this now seems unnecessary: I am very happy to supply copies to any of the subjects, or their families.

Lance Steward 01890 870386